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My name is Dr Paolo Gerli and I am a Lecturer of Digital Innovation and Enterpreneurship at Edinburgh Napier University. Previously I have been a Lecturer of Digital Entrepreneurship at Northumbria University and a regulatory analyst for public and private organisations in the Italian telecommunications industry. You can find my CV here.

I completed my PhD in December 2019 with a thesis titled “Can broadband markets be fixed? A comparative analysis of public and community-led initiatives supporting broadband diffusion in three EU member states“. As a researcher, I am interested in exploring the drivers and implications of digital technologies for the economy and society, with a focus on the promotion of smart technologies and digital entrepreneurship in rural areas. My research has been presented at international conferences and published on top-ranked journals: a full list of my academic work is available here.

When I am not teaching and researching, I love going for photography exhibitions, reading novels and cooking Italian food (no cream in carbonara, please!).